Run with the Friends of the Château on June 16, 2019 !
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    The Friends of Versailles offer to the château de Versailles a portrait of Alexandrine Le Normand d'Etiolles, daughter of the Marquise de Pompadour, painted by Boucher
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The Society

Created in 1907 and officially recognized as an "utilité publique" in 1913, la Société des Amis de Versailles aims to restore and enhance the palace, its surrounding park, and its collections with the utmost enthusiasm and sensitivity. It is based out of  the Northern “aile des ministres” wing of the palace, designed by Le Vau and Mansart.
The Société includes four levels of membesrship with according benefits: Adhérents, Sociétaires, Bienfaiteurs, and  the new Jeunes Amis (young friends) category for those from age 0-25.

Every current member is invited to participate in the annual General Assembly in order to approve the annual report of activities and finances and to elect the members of the Board to a 6-year term renewable (with elections of half the council every 3 years).

The Board is composed of 24 members (see below). The council elects the President and Bureau members among its members, to a 3-year term. The Bureau guarantees the management of the association in accordance with the Board's directives.

The president, the officers, and the members of the board are all volunteers.

You can download the By-Laws of the Société here (in French) 

The Board

The Bureau

President : Thierry Ortmans, Founding President of the European Company of Logistics Services

Vice-presidents :
Jean Guéguinou, Ambassador of France
Jean-Marc Forneri, President of banks and Bucephale Finance Society

General Secretary : Jean Repiquet, Lawyer

Deputy General Secretary : Bertrand Chardon, Notary in Paris

Treasurer : Michel Delaveau, Certified Public Accountant

Deputy Treasurer : Clémentine Gustin Gomez, Art historian, Member of the National Treasures Commission

Other Board members

  • Jean-Pierre BADY - Honorary Magistrate in the Audit Office
  • Chantal BLONDET - Responsable Manager for Human resources
  • S.A.R Princesse Béatrice de BOURBON des DEUX SICILES - Professional Tourism and Press Relations 
  • Brigitte BRISSET - Ophtalmologist at the Hôtel-Dieu
  • Véronique BUJON de L'ESTANG - Former ambassador, Member of the Scientific Committee Versalia
  • Laurence DUPIN de LACOSTE - DDL Médias Society
  • Franck FERRAND - Anchorman of history programs
  • Catharine HAMILTON - Chairman of The American Friends of Versailles, Patron of the Château de Versailles
  • Baron Roland-Charles de L'ESPEE - Expert in furniture and ancient objects, Former President of the Société des Amis de Versailles
  • Camille PASCAL - State Councillor
  • Philippe PREVAL - Chief Operating Officer of Lusis SA
  • Jean-Michel RAINGEARD - President of the Fédération Française des Amis de Musées
  • Sabine de la ROCHEFOUCAULD, Duchesse d'Estissac - Musée du louvre
  • Philippe SCHMITT - President of the Victoria Palace Hotel
  • Comte Ghislain d'URSEL - President Private Historical Heritage, President of the European Friends of Versailles
  • Professor Pierre VILLARD - Highly skilled Professor of Law schools

The Team

Bénédicte Wiart


Development, Communication


Muriel Bello

Administrative management, Membership and Renewal


Katelÿn Morgenstern-Marme

Cultural Activities, Private tours and Partnerships


For all inquiries :

Tel : + 33 [0] 1 30 83 75 48



A dedicated group of volunteers actively participates in the daily operation and in the activities of la Société des Amis de Versailles. They are crucial to the success of the Society's missions and to its vibant community.