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Contribute to the enhancement of the palace and domain, and to transmit it to future generations.

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Activities are availbale for all members, except "Privilege" (only for Sociétaires and Bienfaiteurs) and "Prestige" (only for Bienfaiteurs)

The booking of activities signaled by  ❋ is restricted to 3 per person (6  for a couple membership) during the first 15 days after the opening of reservations.
Several activities (conferences, trips, musical cycle…) are not concerned by this limitation. 
During the first 15 days, only half the places per visit are available, to allow for booking trough the paper reservation form.
You can at antyme request to be on a witing  list. We will do our best to give you satisfaction.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: even if the transaction with your visa card is not finalized online, the visits you tried to pay for are booked !! We will contact you to help you through the payment process.